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Name:  Chinese –  Shen Mu Yin

Botanical – Salacia Oblongata

Common – Kothala Himbutu or Salacia

Plant:  Kothala Himbutu is a climbing shrub that grows wildly throughout India, Sri Lanka & other parts of Asia.

Part Used: Root & Root Bark. Best quality is from Sri Lanka.

Organs Affected: Spleen, Pancreas, Kidney, Bladder

Taste:  Astringent & Bitter

Nature: Mild

Functions: May assist to reduces anxiety & inflammation, lowers blood sugar levels.

Effective in assisting: May assist in the management of diabetes and simple obesity.

Conditions: Proven beneficial in improving

High Cholesterol conditions

Gout &  Inflammatory Arthritis conditions

Constipation conditions

Hemorrhoids conditions

Simple obesity and overweight conditions

External Use: Applied topically on local swelling and inflammation.

Dosage: 3-6g daily

Avoid use if : Low Blood sugar levels  & Pregnancy

Kothala Himbutu Tea Bag contains the highest quality Salacia Oblongata available from Sri Lanka. It has been manufactured into a convenient tea bag for easier consumption . The manufacturer maintains exclusive rights to Sri Lanka’s best quality Salacia roots.

Each tea bag contains 3g of pure Kothala Himbutu root (No preservatives added).

How To Make:

  1. Pour 1 litre of water then put 1 tea bag in the kettle and heat it until boiling.
  2. Simmer it on a low heat for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Leave the tea bag in the kettle for about an hour to fully extract the ingredients.
  4. Cool the tea to normal room temperature then pour the tea in any container and store it in the refrigerator.

Drink at least 1 litre a day, before every meal (around 250ml per meal) everyday. In addition to that, enjoy tea just as any other tea, any time of the day as your daily drink.

Alternatively, put tea bag in to a cup and add 250ml of boiling water. Brew tea bag for 10 minutes. Take out tea bag and drink the cup of tea. Make sure to retain the same tea bag for next two meals. Repeat process two more times. One tea bag can be used three times in  one day.

*In severe cases use 2 tea bags daily while monitoring blood sugar levels.

Note: The use of Kothala Himbutu is safe and does not have any negative side effects if used correctly.     

How to ensure patients to get the full benefit.

Continue treatment according to your blood sugar readings, ongoing blood tests or consultation with a medical practitioner.


包装规格:3gX30包/盒 ,日1包/30包,疗程为一个月。

使用原料:斯里兰卡野生植物五层龙 100%。


  1. 帮助改善高血糖症状
  2. 帮助改善风湿关节炎和痛风症状
  3. 帮助改善便秘症状





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